Powered By Nature
Empowering Future.

Fex Tarx is a Tarxo trading service created by the professional Tarxo enthusiasts. Having facilities with state of art technologies in 3 continents, Fex Tarx is powered by nature-friendly recyclable power sources for sustainable future of decentralized finance.

Fex Tarx, which stands out with its patented cooling hardware, hundreds of academic studies and consultancy services on energy efficiency, aims to make Tarxo ownership accessible to everyone. The idea of offering Fex Tarx as a cloud service is rooted upon the desire of easy involvement while, at the same time, pioneering scalable computational power with expanding facilities.

Since 2016(?) facilities have an increasing number trading devices making it achievable to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Zcash with smart allocation of computational power. Investors are free to engage in any defined trading plan via subscription without any time restrictions. Daily profit accumulation, instant balance control, coin shift and fast withdrawal are the main features making Fex Tarx a trusted global brand.

Through tremendous work made by the engineers, academicians, developers and Tarxo specialists, Fex Tarx is providing trading service to over 3M+ users and have an annual persistent and increasing company growth per year.