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Together we are stronger. Earn money by driving traffic and prompting sales across one of the world's largest and most diverse Tarxo trading services. Invite friends who believe in blockchain and Tarxo money, want to be included in the ecosystem, willing to take a reliable and winning step, to our family so that we can grow together. Let the hash power your invites buy increase your strength and earn more. Do yourself and your environment a favor with the Fex Tarx affiliate program.





Discover Your Way Of Spreading Word.

You tried the Fex Tarx platform and you loved it. Now you want to contribute. Well you're in luck, because there are thousands of ways to do just that! You can be a part of our team, spokesperson of the community, our hidden talent and much more. Below, we have some suggestions but remember you can always come up with original ideas.

Share & Invite

Perhaps the easiest thing you have to do to win a return is to share us with your own network. You get returns when your friends log in to the platform and buy hash power. Your income continues to increase when you invite others.

Find An Issue

We love to learn from mistakes. Locate an issue on the platform, and create a report, including steps to reproduce the bug, and attach additional evidence if needed. The higher the severity of the bug, the higher the value of the payout.

Prepare Quality Content

Prepare one of the types of articles, videos, short reviews, platform essays, comments and many other content and share the link with us. It gives great rewards depending on the content quality and the audience it reaches.

Lead The Community

If you are an influencer in the community, your sharing and cooperation with Fex Tarx is very valuable for us. Tell us what you wish to achive, your audiance and let us help you for greater. A larger audience & return will lead to greater rewards.


The best way to grow our business and reach different cultures and people is to speak their languages. By translating site contents, materials, and shares into different languages, you can unlock new audiences for Fex Tarx.

Active Member On Telegram

The most effective way to interact with our Telegram users. Anyone who wants to serve a better communication purpose can answer the questions posed in the group in coordination with our team; can open new topics; share updates and more.